February 11, 2016 10:55 am | Thought provoking blogs |

I read an article the other day on why the little things in life are the key to happiness and it got me thinking about my life.

At the higher end of my fifties (!) I have never been so happy.

At the time I left home to conquer the world of commerce my mother said there were three things I should consider when looking for the right job;

  1. Enjoy my work
  2. Enjoy the people I am working with
  3. Enjoy my surroundings

She said if you have one of these things you are doing well; if you have two you are doing extremely well and if you have all three you have Utopia!


That advice has followed me through life. Each time I have not felt satisfied or happy I have done something about it and moved on.

I find now that I am in my 26 year of running @ClarePR life has never been so good. I attribute that to planning my life so I get an even work/life balance. And it works. This is all well and good but if your work is also your hobby it can be difficult to extract yourself from the two!

But in order to achieve this you have to be extremely organised and prioritise your workload and, for that matter, the personal things you enjoy doing most.


For me there is nothing nicer than walking my dog on a Sunday morning or pottering in the garden or reading the newspaper! And these things cost nothing! Don’t you find the most enjoyable things come free?!

We all need to learn to smell the flowers along the way and not live life always in the fast lane, embracing the small pleasures in life!

So for those fifty somethings that, according to the Office for National Statistics, are the least happy people in the UK, please look around you and identify the small things that give you the most pleasure and make YOU feel good!

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