September 18, 2017 10:48 am | Thought provoking blogs |

Andrew Geldard, head of communications at Willmott Dixon discusses why we should never taking anything for granted.

I watched in disbelief this summer as two impregnable brands were shaken to their core, with Carillion’s shock profit warning and senior management exodus followed by Bell Pottinger being expelled from the PRCA for alleged unethical practice on a campaign in South Africa.

As they battle to restore their fortunes, it is another reminder that you can take nothing for granted in business.

Being a big brand does make you immune from ‘what’s round the corner’. Avoiding future icebergs is not easy, but companies can do things to be ready for the moment they appear.

At Willmott Dixon, we have a campaign called Building on Better (BoB) to ensure nothing is taken for granted, no matter what the growth projection says. Teams are required to examine and challenge everything, never accept that something cannot be improved, even if it already works well.  Ideas are never dismissed, no matter how small or irrelevant, and there’s a zeal for not accepting the status quo just because it works – because who knows if it will work tomorrow?

Whatever the size, reputation and success of your company, never take anything for granted. A company’s vitality and future prosperity relies on its people being prepared to challenge it with ways to improve!

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