February 26, 2018 3:02 pm | Thought provoking blogs |

We’ve all been there. The black dog. Sunday 5 o’clock comes around and suddenly we’re overwhelmed by the presence of Monday. For some people, it may just be a simple case of dreading that Monday morning meeting with Nancy in Accounts or realising you didn’t hand in that report on Friday afternoon. For others however, this feeling is a more regular and crippling problem.

Anxiety and depression is the most common #mentalhealthdisorder in the UK. According to the NHS, approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience a mental health issue each year. Around 350 million people suffer worldwide and it is claimed this figure has risen 20% from 2005 – 2015.  Increasing contributory factors, such as money and work, can make it harder for individuals to break free from the cycle of #depression and #anxiety.

Whilst it has emerged from a recent study that the use of #anti-depressants do work, the first steps to managing depression and anxiety is to identify the triggers. With job-induced anxiety, if you’re finding Sunday too much to bear, it might be about time you found a position that you can actually look forward to getting up for.

To achieve 100% happiness at work, we at Clare PR believe you need three fundamental things; comfortable surroundings, fun and friendly people to work with and finally, you need to enjoy the work you do. These three elements combined deliver great results and #jobsatisfaction, for both you and your employer.

Leading recruiter, Reed hit the nail on the head with its highly successful marketing campaign “LOVE MONDAYS” – a powerful message that resonates with almost 50% of the nation’s workers who claim to be discontent. You can expect to spend a whopping 90,000 hours at work over your lifetime, so now’s the time to take control and leave that black dog at the pound.

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