August 6, 2018 11:55 am | Thought provoking blogs |

We all dread those round robin emails from senior management in the workplace. Headphones permitted only in break times, no eating during work hours, mobile phones, personal calls and internet use prohibited – the list of rules and regulations enforced by companies can go on. But what if you were to receive an email from HR notifying you that meat will be banned from all company events and expense accounts?

For US office space start-up, We Work, this controversial new policy is just one way the company is claiming that it can reduce its #carbonfootprint. Now call me old-fashioned, but when I think of the ways we at Clare PR could strive to become more carbon neutral, I would say my efforts would be focused on going paperless or, perhaps, exercising #Biophilicdesign in the workplace. By imposing unsustainable rules such as a no-meat policy, it seems that this stand is more about making a statement than reducing environmental impact.

Despite the company’s reputation for being unprofitable and lacking identity, we can certainly give credit to We Work for creating the perfect #PRexercise. The bold and brash move, possibly masked as an environmentally-conscious driven initiative, has accelerated the company into the limelight with an air of originality and edge. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled as this story unfolds!

Influencing public perception was one of the many reasons why I grew to love the PR industry almost 30 years ago. Initiatives and campaigns, such as this created by We Work, can have the ability to transform a company almost overnight. I wouldn’t go so far as to encourage my clients to enforce a meat ban, but I do always advise them to identify what it is that sets them apart, what will drive interest and what can be improved to give them a clearer identity.

By devising bespoke USPs – however outlandish they may be – bolstered by a carefully-considered PR strategy, you will find that you’ll be bringing home more than just the bacon…

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