September 20, 2018 10:13 am | Clare PR News |

Having reached the ripe old age of 60 earlier this year, I had some time to reflect on what life would have in store for me over the coming years. For both men and women, this milestone can often trigger a series of lifestyle changes. I very quickly dismissed the idea of a sports car, despite my husband’s best efforts to sway me towards the latest Top-Gear-highly-acclaimed zippy soft-top, but instead gave some thought to my career and business which I have very proudly built up and nurtured over the past 30 years.

While many managing directors choose to check in and out as and when they please (this is not a criticism or judgement, I hasten to add) I have to say with me it is quite the opposite. Ever since the business was founded in 1989, I have lived and breathed Clare PR and am very much still the face of the business day in, day out. How on earth would I approach the notion of retirement? Could I spend my days walking the dog, or would I be best off working part-time keeping my toe in the water? Or do I inject fresh energy into new projects, such as community fundraising, to keep myself motivated and mentally stimulated?

It soon became apparent to me that none of the options above would satisfy me as much as continuing to do what I love. I guess you could say the love of my life is my work and the idea of giving it up completely fills me with deep sadness.

I have been lucky in that for the past 30 years, I have developed a successful business from my passion and energy. They say you cannot buy passion and I agree wholeheartedly. I feel that in order to achieve results you need to enjoy what you do – and for my clients they have been able to gain the benefits, hence why they have been my clients for many years.

While the thought of retirement filled me with dread, I can appreciate for others reaching retirement age is met with some relief. However you approach it, your next step should always be to do what makes YOU happy. We only have one life and we need to ensure we live it to the fullest.

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