Accessibility for all

Making web sites that are accessible to everybody isn’t just a good idea, it isn’t just good business practice – it’s the law under the Disability Discrimination Act.

If that’s not good enough of a good reason for you, then accessible websites tend to rank better in Google.

This web site has been made as accessible as it can be.

The pages will automatically re-size depending on the screen you’re viewing them on (mobile, laptop, desktop, TV etc), with the main elements having their size defined by percentages rather than fixed sizes.

So – hopefully – everything should look great no matter how you’re viewing the pages.

Additionally, certain things will disappear if your screen becomes “too small” to easily view them; extra information that, whilst useful, isn’t essential.

If you find any problems with accessing this site, we’d be extremely-grateful if you contacted us – including details of your system if possible. Thanks.

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