Case Study Three: Environmental Construction

This supplier of environmental construction products wanted to raise its profile amongst architects, self-builders, developers and passivhaus designers and to support its varied range of eco-building solutions, which are drawn from all over Europe.

Our response was to develop a programme of case study and thought-leadership pieces for placement in the architectural, environmental and self-build media. The case studies have successfully showcased how the solutions can be used in combination on a project to achieve better thermal performance and comfort.

Meanwhile, thought leadership content has focused on specific sustainability issues, such as interstitial condensation and wind washing of insulation, to highlight where functional products are required to improve the performance and lifecycle of the built environment while offering excellent buildability solutions.

The PR has struck a balance between design-led lifestyle coverage, which aims to inspire stakeholders with specific projects, and technical content that highlights the practical and buildability benefits of the client’s product portfolio. Meanwhile, thought leadership articles have also helped to support the profile of the client’s management team to aid positioning of the company as the ‘go to’ supplier for both eco building products and specification support. The result has been a broad range of coverage that has delivered a x3 return on investment for the client in terms of advertising equivalent value.

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