team workWe’re all different and have unique ways of working, but when it comes to running a tight ship in the context of business, there’s no getting away from the fact organisation is key. Here Clare PR, a building and construction PR agency in Manchester, reveals just how it has been able to deliver consistently for 30 years simply by putting this into practice.

In life you can often split people into two camps: those who plan in advance, schedule their diary intricately by task and have a filing system that would give even The National Archives a run for its money. Then there are those more creative amongst us who prefer to go with the flow, meet each day as it comes and, let their ideas spring forth!

When I founded Clare PR some 30 years ago (we’re proudly celebrating our anniversary next year), I was a one-woman enterprise. I could easily have become overwhelmed as my client base grew more rapidly than I had anticipated, but I didn’t. I vowed that I would not become that business owner you see in comedies surrounded by towers of documents, a to-do list as long as my arm and a filing cabinet bursting at the seams.

Instead, I took a structured and logical approach to my admin, ensuring all my client-related work was scheduled and visible, deadlines were easily accessible for reference and campaigns were planned and signed off well in advance. As the company grew, I was able to employ my first member of staff who quickly came to learn my careful, but never pedantic (I’m sure that would drive even the most patient employee round the bend), approach to delivering PR and operating a business.

While we’re still a relatively small PR agency, the number of clients we have on our books would lead you to think otherwise. I believe this is because of the scrupulous attitude I have consistently practised and passed onto my colleagues. We each know our responsibilities and follow housekeeping, but ultimately, we’re a team and pull together to make the business run smoothly.

As our account director, Colette Curry comments: “Clare’s organised approach means that the team is always joined up and can put our hands on all information relating to any project quickly and easily. Our roles are defined and we bring different skills to the team but a meticulous approach to planning and implementation from the MD provides a framework for everyone’s work and, for me, it ensures I have the freedom to be creative and create compelling content while remaining focused and on task.”

This efficiency is reflected in the work we produce for our clients. It allows us to meet and exceed their expectations and positions us as a trusted and reliable partner in PR. Yes, we work hard but I believe we would have to work a lot harder if organisation wasn’t a fundamental practice within the business. What are your thoughts on organisation in the workplace?


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