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September 20 2018 | Clare PR News |

Having reached the ripe old age of 60 earlier this year, I had some time to reflect on what life would have in store for me over the coming years. For both men and women, this milestone can often trigger a series of lifestyle changes. I very quickly dismissed the idea of a sports car,…

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September 18 2017 | Clare PR News |

There’s a lot of talk about collaboration in the construction sector. BIM has created a mandate for professionals from multiple disciplines to work more effectively together, sharing knowledge and best practice in the best interests of their shared project. It’s been a huge cultural shift for many in the sector, perhaps because collaboration in not…

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A Brand New ‘Clare’

July 7 2014 | Clare PR News |

It’s official! Clare Communications has changed its name to Clare Public Relations with the launch of dynamic new branding.

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25 Years Young

June 12 2014 | Clare PR News |

1989 was the year that the Berlin Wall was brought down, the first commercial internet service providers were set up and the first ever text message was sent. It was also the year that Clare Communications was born.

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